Lessons in Creativity for Kids…for All

One of my favorite musical artists for a very long time has been Charlie Peacock. His music and lyrics speak to my soul. I listened to his Everything That’s On My Mind CD so many times I nearly wore it out. You can ask my family. They got kind of sick of it.

Years ago Charlie and his wife, Andi, started a ministry called Art House (now called Art House America). My understanding is that it was originally a “think tank” for musicians to incubate their art in a nurturing, Christian setting. They have now expanded the ministry to include, amongst other things, visual arts, writing, stage and screen, food, and creation care.

Andi has written a new article on the Art House America web site entitled Raising Artful Children. It is a masterful piece, and well worth the short time it takes to read it. Although she writes in the article about how to nurture creativity in children, I believe her words speak to all people who have a “creative spark” (which I believe is all people).

Read her article here. Then, please, let me know what you think of it. How does the article encourage your own creativity? How does it encourage you to nurture creativity in others?

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