Eager Learning

As I was passing our school’s second grade classroom today, I heard the teacher ask a question and looked in the door just in time to see one of the second graders practically jump out of his seat.  His finger tips were pointing to the ceiling, his knees were up on his seat, and his mouth was curled in a circle saying, “Ooh, ooh, ooh!” That boy was so eager to answer the question he almost fell out of the desk. I had to smile, because I can remember being that kid in the desk wanting so badly to be the one who got to answer the question. What a wonderful picture it was of eagerness to learn.

John is a member of our congregation. He is a pastor. He is a college professor. He is an author. And he is a fantastic teacher. It’s because he is still a learner. While he works out, he watches video tapes of lectures in various disciplines. For instance, he recently watched one on the way the human brain works. John brought what he learned into a Bible class he taught and enhanced the lecture in a way that drew everyone in. He reminded us how incredible it is that God makes things in just the perfect way to serve their perfect purpose.

Then there is Stephen Hawking. He is the renowned physicist who is one of the world’s greatest learners. He used to think that there was a least a possibility that God could have been involved in the creation of the universe. In his most recent book he now says God was not involved in the creation of the universe. I wonder where he learned that?

Hawking’s physics are far above and beyond anything I could understand. I couldn’t even come close to arguing the finer points of quantum theory. But I have learned from God’s own Word that the more I learn about Him, His creation of the universe, His redemption of fallen humankind, His willingness to sacrifice His Son, and His deliverance of forgiveness into my life through Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, the more I want to learn.

Eager learning from God’s Word makes all the difference in everyday life. It makes complicated things much more simple. It makes helping others a whole lot easier. It brings peace, hope, and joy into my life. I am always eager to learn more. And I am so thankful for the eager learner’s of God’s Word who have taught me.

I want to be that eager second grade learner every day.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go teach a class called “The Bible” to a group of 30 college students. I hope my eager learning rubs off on them.

What do you do to make learning a priority in your life?

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