Everyone Loves to Be Cheered Like a Hockey Player

The first time I watched this I felt chills running down my spine. My eyes welled up just a little bit. I had to watch it a couple more times.

I posted it to my Twitter account and my Facebook page with the question: Why does this give me the chills? I had to think about that. What was it about two rec league hockey teams being cheered like they were playing for an olympic gold medal?

Did you see the looks on their faces? Go back and look at the guy sitting on the ice toward the end of the video. He sits there in disbelief. Is he almost in tears?

Why is this ad so effective? It is a Budweiser beer commercial, you know.

It’s because everyone likes to be (needs to be?) cheered. We all need a little affirmation. We appreciate it when people pat us on the back for a job well done. We are vicariously experiencing that feeling as we watch this video. We are the hockey players. We know how they must feel.

And we all dream that one day we will be cheered like we are olympic gold medal winners. 

You can fulfill a dream (big or small) today by:

  • cheering someone on
  • patting a back
  • writing a note
  • expressing appreciation
  • delivering a surprise
  • placing a phone call
  • sharing an affirming text message
  • making a big deal
  • speaking a compliment

I can remember just a few times in my life feeling like the hockey players in that video: A couple of times when I was on tour with Joy, Inc. (a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away); receiving applause and compliments when I was a graduation speaker; seeing the audience on their feet during the curtain call of The Sound of Music when I played Captain von Trapp.

I’d love to share that feeling with others. How about you?

Share in the comment section below a story of a time that you felt like the hockey players in this video. Then pass that feeling along today to someone who really needs it.

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One thought on “Everyone Loves to Be Cheered Like a Hockey Player

  1. Dare I say, THIS is the reason Brett Favre had such a hard time retiring. I imagine that kind of adoration can get addicting. Then he blew it, big time.