Go Get Your Long-Term Goal

Most every student at Belmont University has a dream when they enroll. That dream usually includes being selected for one of the four showcases that Belmont holds every school year. The Country, Christian, Rock, and Pop showcases are held in the school’s Curb Event center, draw on the average of 2000 people, and are judged by industry professionals. The winner of each showcase is then given the opportunity to perform in “The Best of the Best” showcase at the end of the year.

Just like anything else in life, some students seize the opportunity, and others let their chance slip away. Some students simply dream. Others set goals and find a way to make those goals a reality.

One student, who was recently selected for this years’ Rock Showcase, set and achieved small goals. As each short-term goal was reached, it was a step toward the larger goal of one day being selected for a showcase:

  • Write songs
  • Record songs
  • As a freshman, do grunt work for the showcases, to learn how they work
  • Watch auditions and showcases to learn how they’re done
  • Volunteer to manage a friend who is auditioning for a showcase
  • Compliment and support those who are achieving their own goals
  • Submit recorded music for a showcase audition
  • When selected as one of eight bands for a live audition, rehearse and perfect
  • Bring energy and passion to the live audition

All these steps in and of themselves were not a guarantee of success. But there were purpose and direction in each short-term goal along the way. They were all aiming toward the larger, long-term goal of one day, before graduation, being selected for a showcase.

Dreams are very rarely realized by happenstance. Small, incremental steps and short-term goals have been proven to be effective when making dreams realities.

What small steps can you take today toward one long-term goal that you’d like to achieve?

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