Celebrating Faithfulness in a Throwaway World

Have you joined the Green Movement? As you well know, there is a concerted effort underway to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We are trying to be better stewards of the planet.

But we still live in a throwaway world. Too lazy to throw glass in the recycle bin? Throw it away. Something needs a minor repair? Get rid of it. Don’t like your car? Get a new one.

Then there was this guy named Joe. He drove his Honda one million miles. That’s right: one with six zeros behind it.

Honda heard about Joe’s faithfulness to their product. So they decided to celebrate Joe’s steadfastness. Here’s what they did:

What Honda did cost them very little in terms of their overall budget. Not only is Joe a fan for life, almost 100,000 people have viewed the YouTube video that you just saw. Many are probably marveling that a Honda could go for a million miles. Some are probably even considering purchasing a Honda as their next vehicle.

Have you notice faithfulness in an employee, co-worker, teacher, pastor, or friend?  Have you seen someone invest their time in people rather than just throwing them away, as it were? Is there a person you know who exhibits and demonstrates commitment above and beyond the call of duty?

Give her new car. OK…maybe you can’t afford that.

  • Throw him a parade
  • Toss some confetti
  • Buy a small gift
  • Make it public
  • Celebrate her in front of a festive gathering
  • Provide some kind of respite
  • Send flowers
  • Bring a bouquet of balloons
  • Create a fuss
  • Send a note
  • Get 25 people to stop by throughout the day and offer a word of thanks
Can you suggest a way to say thank you to your million mile hero?

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