How to Be an Everyday Hero

Why is it that true heroes never think they are heroes? This past week I have seen two examples. One was a war hero who entered into the midst of a firefight to try and rescue comrades who were being ambushed. He survived. They did not. He received a Medal of Honor, but refuses to call himself a hero. Had he been a hero, he surmises, they all would have survived.

The second example includes a small group of people who lifted a car off of a motorcycle driver who had been hit by a car. They dragged him out from under the car, and he survived. They all say they are not heroes. They simply did what anyone else would do. But they are heroes to the one whose life has been saved.

True heroes are ordinary people who encounter an extraordinary situation and respond. But, in their mind, it isn’t out of the ordinary. To them, it’s what most anyone would do given a similar situation.

Every day we face situations that have the potential to be extraordinary:

  • A decision to do this and not that
  • A word of advice that changes a friend’s direction
  • A happenstance action that changes the path of two lives
  • An unexpected apology
  • A token of encouragement to one who needs it most

When you go to bed tonight, will there be someone you encountered today who will call you a hero? You simply did what anyone would do in a similar situation. But no one else did. You would never call yourself a hero. But the one impacted will.

As you make your way through the day be:

  • An Encourager
  • A Cheerleader
  • A Motivator
  • A Listener
  • A Giver
  • A Mover
  • A Shaker

You never know when an ordinary day will make you a hero of epic proportions. You may even literally save a life.

Who is your hero? Why?

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2 thoughts on “How to Be an Everyday Hero

  1. My parents. I literally would not be making it right now if it weren't for them. You couldn't find two more generous and selfless people if you scoured the earth.

    • I can't disagree with you, Shelley. In fact, I completely agree. They are not only generous and selfless with you and your family, but many others, too…including our church.