What to Do When It Feels Like Things Are Falling Apart

Every once in a while it simply seems like things are falling apart. Someone lets you down. Something doesn’t work out. More tasks get piled up. A perfectly structured plan gets all messed up. Your life, or at least one aspect of it, is swirling out of control.

This week I found out that we lost a youth volunteer, a musician for one of our main worship services, and a teacher for one of our classes. On top of that, we have major events taking place in our church and school over the next week. In the mean time, “regular” work like planning services and writing sermons goes on.

Guess who’s responsibility it is to make sure this is all covered? Yep. Yours truly.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you a few extra anvils were placed on my shoulders. It takes its toll. But it’s not insurmountable.

With a little regrouping, the pieces can be put back together. When things seem like they’re falling apart, try this strategy:

  1. Prioritize. Make a list of the most pressing, most important, most compelling items in need of your attention. Number them from one to ten. Instead of trying to get everything done at once, begin with what’s most important and work your way down the list
  2. Organize. This especially applies to your time. Going through a stretch like this takes focus. Do the most brain draining work at times when you are your best. For some its the morning; for others its later in the day. Organize your tasks around your most productive times.
  3. Downsize. Cast off and bail out things that can wait, things that aren’t necessary, and things that could be done by someone else.
  4. Energize. Keep your energy up by taking mental and physical breaks, make time to exercise, and get a decent night’s sleep. Do all you can to retain your energy while you make your way through this temporary time until things come together again.
  5. Harmonize. It takes at least two people to create musical harmony. Work together with others and delegate responsibilities during an an overwhelming time to create harmony in your life, church, or organization.

When things feel like they’re falling apart all around you, take a deep breath, take a look around, use the resources at your disposal, and forge ahead. Before you know it, those anvils will feel like feathers.

What’s your strategy for dealing with difficult times?

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4 thoughts on “What to Do When It Feels Like Things Are Falling Apart

  1. An excellent list.

    I've found that, for myself, prayer absolutely must go under "prioritize." It's obvious for Christians that we should pray, of course, and some people rely most upon prayer when tragedy strikes, but I frequently need to remind myself to pray as I'm busy trying to "handle" everything on my own.

    I sometimes need to remind myself to make prayer a priority…particularly when it feels like everything's falling apart.

    • What a great reminder. I wrongly assume that since most of my readers are Christian they will include prayer amongst this list. I need to remind myself, too. So this is an excellent reminder. Thank you!

  2. I agree, I have found that when things are at their worst, it happens, in part, to draw me back to my prayer life and relationship with God.

  3. What a coincidence that I wrote a comment 76 weeks ago and here I am to comment on my comment. I have had serious back issues that I thought were behind me. They are but now there is a new issue that seems to consume my whole life. What to do? I just want to run and play like the other kids. Just a little humor……prayer and more prayer is the answer and acceptance of whatever the outcome.