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Did you know that September 29th is National Coffee Day? Neither did I…until this past September 29th. On that day this year there was no way around knowing it was National Coffee Day. Facebook status, after Twitter update, after email blast came across my screen. There were free cups of coffee offered, people buzzed on caffeine all day, and a greater awareness of local coffee shops all over the country.

National Ice Cream Day is July 18th. National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day is April 2nd. National Kiss Day is July 6th. National Best Friend Day is June 8th. National Corn Chip Day is January 29th.

I predict that you’ll become more and more aware of these “National” days every year. Media, screens, and messages are everywhere. Marketers are getting increasingly savvy about getting their messages out.

With the prevalence of social media, “National Days” are much more national now. I don’t even like coffee, and I was tempted to stop at a local Starbucks on September 29th. Repeated messages in many forms really do have an impact.

We live in a time where it is much easier to get a message out. But there is also much more clutter, distracting from a message. So when you have an important message, and the church has the most important Message on the planet, it’s essential to use every tool possible to broadcast it to the world.

When you want to get a message out, consider these things to clear the clutter:

  1. Repeat your message. Once isn’t enough. If you want your message heard and remembered, it must be repeated (some say at least seven times).
  2. Be creative in the use of media. Tie your message together throughout Facebook, Twitter, your web site, and email blasts.
  3. Make your message distinct. Give something away. Use intriguing art. Tell a story. Ask readers to take action. Do something surprising.

What message will you take national today?

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2 thoughts on “How to Take a Message National

  1. All good points. In referring to the use of media, I might also add the importance of utilizing only the media you can use effectively. As social media tools proliferate, it becomes tempting to try to use all the latest — unfortunately, if we do not have a strategy for each of those tools, we risk coming across looking unfocused and uncoordinated.