How to Instantly Make Someone’s Day

This week was one of those weeks. I’m sure you’ve had them, too. There were car problems, inconveniences, appointments that went awry, and the home team losing (twice). Everything was just a little…off. It felt like I was under a cloud that was following me around. But as a new week started, someone made my day, probably without even knowing he did so.


As a pastor I take very seriously the “metrics” of my congregation. I know it’s not all about the numbers. It’s not all about attendance, and meeting the budget, and volunteer hours. But as a human being I can’t help but view those things as a reflection of my own effort, passion, and faithfulness. When those numbers turn downward, even a little bit, I can feel a bit discouraged.

So today, as I was ending a not-so-good week, and reflecting on some human metrics, I heard words that made my day. There was a guest at church today. He was there to bring news from one of the ministries our congregation supports. So he joined us for worship and stuck around to talk afterward.

What he said had nothing to do with metrics or numbers. He said, “This congregation is really alive. I felt so welcome. You all are more supportive of our ministry than any other church in the area. And I really enjoyed your sermon.” Day made.

So here’s how to instantly make someones day: Pay a specific compliment. It doesn’t even have to be directly about the person to whom you are giving the compliment. Sometimes it means even more to compliment the things with which they are intimately involved:

  • Compliment the teacher on the behavior of her class
  • Tell the dentist how much you enjoy his staff
  • Make a point to tell a store manager how much you appreciate the store itself (Can you imagine what it would mean in the midst of all the complaints they get?)
  • Ask your waiter to tell the chef how great you think the food is in the restaurant

I’m going to start my new and better week glowing about the congregation I am privileged to serve. They are a people “alive.” People feel welcome in their presence. They provide outstanding support for people outside their own walls.

Pay a compliment to someone about the things with which they are intimately involved. 

You will make a day. 

Maybe even a week.

What does it take for someone to make your day? 

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