Leading Means Listening to One’s Own Words

This week, as the new school year was getting ready to commence, I had the opportunity to spend some time with our school’s teachers. I shared with them a DVD of Michael Hyatt’s talk at the 2011 Recreate conference. As I listened to Michael that cold day in February, I realized then and there that I wanted to share his words with our staff. It was a thoughtful, Scripturally based speech about handling criticism in a positive and constructive way. You can read about it here.

It turns out that I was the one who needed to pay attention to Michael Hyatt’s words and concepts. I diligently watched the DVD again, and found the advice simple yet profound. Little did I know I would soon have to heed the words myself.

I had just come back from vacation. Within the first few days back I became the victim of unfounded criticism. It’s funny how leaders often preach and teach things that they feel are for other people. I quickly realized that what I had been relaying to our staff through Michael Hyatt and others was also meant for me.

Too often leaders are insensitive and oblivious to their own needs, while trying to teach and lead others. I really, really needed to go over and rehearse Michael’s words a number of times before I could get through the emotion I was feeling. I had to pay very close attention to what I was teaching others. I had to listen to myself.

Leading is about more than teaching and telling others the way to go. It’s living and listening to one’s own words, thoughts, and teachings.

Where have you found your own words and teachings applying to yourself?

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