Magic Moments Delivered by Yellow Envelopes

The mail has become very important for us these days. Our daughter’s wedding invitations went out in early July. Now every day we anxiously go the the mail box looking for little yellow envelopes that contain replies to the wedding.

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More than an avalanche, it has been a trickle. Each day we get one, or two, or maybe three replies. All the while I’m anxiously wanting to figure out what will be the bottom line. How much money will come out of my pocket to provide our guests with a nice evening and a fun party to celebrate Ashlyn and Josh bringing their two lives together?

But the trickle of tiny envelopes is a reminder to me that this is yet another special season of life. The march of the postal parcels will soon enough give way to the march of the beautiful bride down the aisle. So for now, it is well enough to take one day at a time and enjoy hearing from friends and family all across the country.

From the very beginning my wife, Tammy, and I have always made certain to appreciate each season of our children’s lives. We cherished the

  • tiny fingers and first teeth
  • frosting-faced kids eating first birthday cakes
  • the transition from tricycle to bicycle
  • preschool and kindergarten
  • school days and little league
  • talent shows and birthday parties
  • homework and report cards
  • high school friends filling the house
  • baseball games and main stage plays
  • senior awards and graduation
  • picking a college and moving away
  • far away phone calls and long evening drives

And now a wedding.

Time is a gift from God that never stops…and never stops giving. Though we often take it for granted, and sometimes wish it away, every day time gives us moments that are magic if we just open our eyes.

So I’m going to enjoy heading to the mail box for the next few weeks. And when I take out a tiny yellow envelope, I will think of the wonderful moments leading up to this one. And I will look forward to the many more that are yet to come.

What is it that reminds you of magic moments in time?

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One thought on “Magic Moments Delivered by Yellow Envelopes

  1. Tom, God bless the anticipation for the day you walk that aisle with your daughter. I haven’t been there…yet. However, taking the opportunity to appreciate the various stages of our children’s life is such a gift. It also reminds me of the all too swift passage of life here. So, another reminder of setting priority today, so as to bask in the autumn of our lives, and to be present for these next moments. Cheerio! Well said.