What It Takes to Be a Good Church Member

When I first started my vocation as a pastor I was struck by the “churchmen” (and women). There were certain people who were leaders, supporters, and faithful church-goers. Though they held other vocations, they always had the best interests of their church at heart. They gave of their time. They knew how to tithe. And their leadership was second to none. Somehow, somewhere along the line they learned how to be a good church member.

But over the years it seemed as though outstanding “churchmen” and “churchwomen” were more and more difficult to find. Understandably, modern technology and life began to crowd in on people. Today’s world is much more complex and more difficult to make the kind of time commitment it takes to dedicate to life outside of family and work. But thankfully, some still do.

I began thinking about this because of my friend Mike. Not only is Mike a friend, but he happens to be the president of our congregation, a musician, a volunteer, and a guy who does whatever it takes to enhance and promote the ministry of Ascension Lutheran Church. Today, the day of the Super Bowl, Mike had to fly to Atlanta on business. He headed to the airport right after church. When he got to Atlanta I got this text:

Finally settled in at the hotel. I just wanted to say that you had another amazing message! Thanks for your ministry. It is such a blessing.

I don’t share this with you because of the compliment he gave to me. I share this with you because it’s another example that Mike is simply a good church member — a “churchman” if you will. Here’s why:

  1. Mike is positive about our church. As President of the congregation Mike writes an article for our weekly email. For three years now, nearly every week, he has written something positive about our church and its people.  
  2. Mike attends church regularly. The only time he misses is when he’s sick or out of town. Want to find Mike on a Sunday morning. He’ll be at Ascension Lutheran Church in Casselberry, Florida.
  3. Mike is a leader who develops leaders. Over the years Mike has served in various capacities as a leader in the church. Over the past five years I have watched him tap and develop leaders in very savvy and hospitable ways.
  4. Mike goes above and beyond for the sake of our church. Even though he’s already volunteering and serving on our Church Council, he still takes the time to be part of our contemporary worship team, as a leader of a team that gets people together to play cards, and as a volunteer for community events that we present.
  5. Mike’s life is centered around the church. Just this week he came by during his lunch hour to meet someone who needed his help.

Want to be a good church member? Want to really help your pastor? Say positive things about your church to others. Attend worship every single week. If you are asked to serve as a leader, say yes. Then help develop others to be leaders, as well. Give whatever time you can (within reason) to benefit your congregation. Finally, encourage others to do the same.

What do you think it takes to make a good church member? 

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