Unexpectedly Pleasant Surprises

If you live in the upper midwest you have been experiencing an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. In a typical March we may have an occasional day in the 60’s or even the 70’s, but we never have the extended above average temperatures that we have had over more than the last week.

Perennials are already blooming. People are eating dinner al fresco. Kids are out on their bikes and skateboards. Shorts and t-shirts are as common as a summer day.

There is something about unexpectedly pleasant surprises that bring

  • a new outlook
  • a change in attitude
  • a different view
  • a favorable demeanor

Even if the weather is unfavorable, you can bring some sunshine into someone’s life with an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. I am certain that if you pay attention to those around you there will be someone (maybe more than one) who could really use an unexpected surprise today.

What can you do to bring to someone in your life

  • a new outlook
  • a change in attitude
  • a different view
  • a favorable demeanor?

Here’s your challenge:

  • Pay attention today to co-workers, family members, or neighbors
  • Pick one person for whom you will provide an unexpected surprise
  • Plan that unexpectedly pleasant surprise tonight
  • Execute it tomorrow

Please post in the comments below what your unexpectedly pleasant surprise is going to be.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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