What a 4-Year-Old Taught Me, Continued

In my last post I recounted how a 4-year-old in my car taught me to appreciate what I have. He also inspired me to do what I can to help others. The boy inspired many readers, as well.

The very next day, along came his seven-year-old brother. The boy read me a story that left me with my mouth wide open. This story is by a young boy who is currently living under very difficult circumstances.

Read the words of a second-grader who is wise beyond his years:

Once upon a time there lived a kid named Jimmy.  He was very excited about Christmas.  It was 3 days until Christmas.  3 days passed already and finally it was Christmas.  Everybody was laughing, smiling, and joking, playing, and eating candy.  Except Jimmy.  Jimmy was very, very, very, mad and sad that he didn’t get any presents.  Then he went into his room, looked under his bed and found his Bible.  He started reading and reading.  By the end of the day, he was finished reading his Bible and then he knew what the true meaning of Christmas was.  Then he was laughing, smiling, joking, and playing.  He was very happy.

Out of the mouths…or pens…of babes.

I’ll ask again: What can you do today to help someone who is in need?

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