Write What You Know (And You Know A Lot)

There is an old adage that says, “Write what you know.” It means that your best writing will be about the things that you know best. If you are a teacher write about teaching. If you are a son write about being a son. If you are a camper write about camping.

This applies to most any art, vocation, or creative endeavor. What do you know? How can you use what you already know to create something new?

The world is waiting to learn from you. You know something I don’t know, and you can say it, create it, paint it, or write it in a way that is uniquely yours.

If you’re a

  • teacher: show us your most creative teaching method.
  • pastor: tell us how you prepare for your sermons.
  • writer: let us read about when and where you write.
  • actor: teach us how to engage people in a story.
  • musician: share the way you craft a song.
  • visual artist: relate your thoughts about conquering a blank canvas.

You know a great deal about your craft, your life, your creativity. There are people eager, ready, and waiting to learn from you.

Write/tell/teach/share/show what you know. 

We’re waiting.

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