A Lesson in Getting Un-Stuck

I learned a lesson today from a good friend. He was running into some roadblocks in his business and just wanted to sit down and talk it through. He was stuck and wanted to get un-stuck.

So he asked me to come and think through some possibilities with him. I was happy to do so. I’m no businessman, but I love any opportunity to brain storm and think creatively.

So that’s what we did. He laid out some of his road blocks. He recounted some of the boundaries within which he must work. He expressed a willingness to take some chances.

Then came the fun part. He asked me honest questions. I gave him honest answers. The brain storm began. And the ideas started to flow.

When he left my friend had a few ideas that might help re-energize his business. I give him all the credit. I was just along to help him advance some ideas.

Here’s the lesson I learned (…a lesson I’ve learned before but need to learn again and again…): Two heads are better than one. A problem is easier solved when ideas flow from one brain to another, and then back again.

Are you stuck? Need a creative idea? Looking for a way to move forward?

Connect with a friend, partner, or colleague. Be honest. Be open. Let the ideas become concrete objectives. Then go give it a shot.

How have you utilized the brain power of other people to induce creative ideas and get “un-stuck”?

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