Have You Changed Your Hat Today?

Since I am follically challenged, and winter has returned, I went out shopping for hats. I just can’t seem to find hats that I like. I have a hat with a brim that goes with nice clothes and a dress coat. I have plenty of baseball caps, but they don’t cover my ears in the blustery weather. I needed a hat to go along with my North Face jacket that I wear all the time.

I finally found a knit cap that matches my jacket and is warm for my head and ears. Though I strongly dislike wearing hats, I have found the winter is much more comfortable when I wear them. So I have a small variety that can match an occasion, a type of weather, or make a fashion statement (as unfashionable as I am).

It reminds me of the many hats I wear throughout the course of a day. I am a father, a son, a grandson, a brother, a husband, a pastor, a friend, a citizen, an employee, a boss, and a child of God…amongst many other things. Throughout the course of a day I change those hats frequently.

I had this discussion with my Confirmation class. We talked about vocation. God has given us stations in life where we are called to serve, help, guide, and love others. These are our hats.

Our hats may change by the hour, or even by the minute. But we are always wearing one kind of hat or another. In fact, the metaphor of a hat is a reminder that we always live under the grace of God. We are servants to and for others in His kingdom. We serve, because He first served us…to the point of death on a cross.

Follically challenged or not, we all wear hats that identify us as servants of certain other people in our lives. Be aware of your hats today. Change them willingly. Be reminded that your vocations are a gift of God. He gives you a change of hats to provide variety and joy in life as you help, serve, guide, and love others.

Hats are a gift.

What hats do you wear and how does changing them provide joy in your life?

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