A Simple Way to Say More Than Just “Thank You”

Sometimes “thank yous” can be pretty empty. I’ve experienced plenty of empty “thank yous” in my life, and I’m sure you have, too. A simple “thank you”…just those two words…may, at times, not be enough. One can almost always tell whether or not a “thank you” is sincere.

Thank You Green Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Sometimes someone says “thank you” because they’ve been told to, or they feel obligated, or they don’t know what else to say. It’s understandable. But I try not to get myself into a similar situation. When I say “thank you” to someone, I want them to know that I really mean it. If not, I try not to say anything at all.

Here’s how to make sure the recipient of your “thank you” knows that you are sincere:

Add a specific compliment to your “thank you.”

For instance, I know how intimidating it can be to preach in front of other pastors. So whenever I sit at the feet of another pastor and listen to his sermon, I always thank him for his message, and I add to my “thank you” a specific thing I liked about the sermon. It gives me the opportunity to listen carefully, and it provides affirmation for the one who has preached.

When our son, Ben, played his recent CD release show with his band, My Red and Blue, he made sure to thank each of his band mates for all they had done to help him. As he did so, he made sure to compliment them specifically for the way they had played, or the time they had put in, or all they had done to make the evening a success. It’s money in the bank. People are much more apt to loyal and helpful in the future if they sense your sincerity today.

So give it a try today. Add a specific compliment to your “thank you.” You’ll feel good about it, and the recipient of the “thank you” will feel truly thanked.

How do you make sure people know that your “thank yous” are sincere?

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2 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Say More Than Just “Thank You”

  1. Thank you, Tom, for your commitment to proclaiming the Gospel in creative ways. Walker Percy had an essay “Message in a Bottle” that highlighted how hard it is for the Gospel to be Good NEWS, since news by definition is relevant to the day and startling enough to be noticed. But how does a preacher preach the good news when that news is 2000 years old and most of the world has sound-byted it to irrelevance and everyone in the pew has heard it thousands of times already? And then from the same preacher for years and years. Our task as preacher is immense and role of creativity is absolutely essential. Thanks for making that your passion and reminding us of its importance.

    • Thanks, Jim. Your words and encouragement mean more than you know. This response is a concrete example of what I wrote in this post. You’re the best!