The Other End of a Decision

I am now on the other end of a major life decision. Today  began a new ministry in a completely new place amongst new (to me) people. And what a day it was. People were gracious, good-humored, very kind, and very loving.

It would not be honest to say that I was always completely comfortable with the decision to end one ministry, begin another, move a quarter of the way across the country, and start all new endeavors. Sure, there were doubts. There were times when I thought about just remaining in a comfortable place where things had become somewhat routine.

But in the end, I knew that I was being led to follow a Call. In the end, I knew I couldn’t refuse. In the end, there were just too many things that pointed to a decision that I knew I had to make. In the end, the decision was made, we made the move, and here we are in the middle of a hot Florida summer.

When a decision is made, it often isn’t until one gets to the “other end” of it that there is affirmation. Following my installation today as Senior Pastor of Ascension Lutheran Church in Casselberry, Florida, our daughter made a statement that brought (for me) final affirmation.

She said, “You made the right decision. The people here are really, really nice.” True words. Affirmation. I guess it was so affirming because it came from an unexpected source. I never thought our daughter would make a statement like that. She was separated enough from the initial decision that her words carried weight.

The next time you have to make a decision, watch for signs that affirm your decision. Those signs may not come until after the decision is made, but they will bring affirmation and peace of mind.

Maybe you won’t even have to wait until after the decision is made. After seeking the opinions of people who are close to a situation, seek people who are on the perimeter of your decision and ask their opinion. It may go a long way toward turning back…or affirming a decision. God often uses His people to help reveal His will.

It’s always nice to know, on the other end of a decision, that it was the right one.

How do you determine when a decision is the correct one?

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8 thoughts on “The Other End of a Decision

  1. So nice to hear that affirmation from your daughter. I wanted to speak to her and your son, but sadly didn't. There were so many people waiting to speak to them that I decided to wait until later, but then didn't. I really enjoyed hearing Ashlyn and Ben sing and I'm so glad that they were part of the service. We tried to have all of our musical groups be a part of the service and now they are part of Ascension too, though I know Ben lives far away. Well, the people of Asension would definitely confirm that you made the right decision. Ever since we first met you, I think we all thought that you were the one God wanted to send to us, though only your acceptance would confirm that. We have even excited ever since you said "yes". I know you will challenge us to step out of our comfort zone to do God's work. Sometimes we need that.

    My husband and I went through a major life decision after we were married only 3 years. He wanted to go back to school to change his career. That would require moving out of state and a job change for me. Initially, I was resistant to the idea of making such a major change in our lives. As I realized how important this was to him, I knew that it was the right thing to do. The confirmation didn't come until many years later when I saw how he loved what he does and he is so good at it!

  2. So wonderful to have you and your family here in Florida. The Installation Service was beautiful..especially because it included your family.

    Many of our long time members (I joined in 1976 from the Chicago area) know that youth is the answer to the congregation of the future. I believe you have the answers. We're here to help support that effort.

    Ascension is a family…Welcome,

    Paula Campbell

  3. Decisions, decisions, decisions! I can totally relate to this article because 7 years ago my husband and I made the decision to move to Florida when our daughter started high school. I had a great job opportunity teaching in Florida and Mike wanted a change too. The reluctant one was our daughter. After about four months when our house hadn't sold and Mike was still up North, and my job was so frustrating, we questioned our decision. If it wasn't for our daughter telling us how much she enjoyed her new adventure in her life, we probably would have moved back. It took awhile before we felt we made a worthwhile decision because we left our family and friends and had to make the Florida adjustment. Welcome to Florida!

  4. Tom, I am happy for you. Making a tough decision is always difficult, but the Lord led and you followed. We will always miss you, but are glad you are happy in Florida. Thanks for keeping in touch like this.